WK-1800 Firefighting Drone

Six-axis Heavy Load, Fire Emergency Rescue

WK-1800 six-axis fire-fighting Drone

The WK-1800 six-axis fire-fighting drone has a large load capacity, strong wind resistance and higher dispersing accuracy; it is designed for dry powder spraying, hose mooring and vertical throwing of dry powder. Portable folding body design, short startup time, can quickly reach the high-rise fire scene. Supports mounting a variety of devices, including 30x zoom camera, dry powder fire extinguishing tank, dropping fire extinguishing bomb, sprinkler, searchlight, megaphone, etc.
  • Six-axis Loading
    Six-axis design, Improve flight power
  • 30X Zoom Camera
    Distance monitoring, can observe all conditions of the disaster
  • Lidar Ranging
    Double protection of obstacle avoidance and ranging
  • Folding Design
    Innovative barrel design
  • 50 Minutes
    Smart battery, long flight time
  • IP43
    Adopt closed modular design

Modular design

  • Fire Suppression Tank
  • Hose Spray Module

Net dry powder content:12kg;Total weight:19kg; Filling pressure 1.2MPa; Electronic quick opening method, Powder spray tube: carbon fiber material ; Length: Expanded 4.33m (the shortest can be retracted to 1.61m)

Can be connected to fire hydrants and fire trucks for high pressure water supply. Spray pipe material: carbon fiber Telescopic length: Expanded length 3.04m (the shortest can be retracted to 1.61m)

Smart Battery, Long Fight time

Large-capacity battery and built-in intelligent power management system greatly enhance the safety during flight. The standard large-capacity battery can last up to 50 minutes in a single flight. The APP has built-in low-voltage alarm and power management, greatly improving battery life and work efficiency, ensuring stable flight of the drone, and better escorting your flight.
30X Zoom Camera
A 30x optical zoom camera is mounted as standard, and ultra-long- distance monitoring can observe all the details of the scene, which can effectively help ormulate rescue plans.
4K picture quality
It can also be used in one machine for multiple purposes, and can mount different equipment according to different needs of customers, such as infrared thermal imaging cameras, low-light night vision cameras and other equipment.

Lidar Ranging

Environmental awareness,intelligent obstacle avoidance

Using laser radar technology, the intelligent obstacle avoidance system created by high-precision sensors, laser ranging up to 100 meters, can identify obstacles of 3-15 meters (adjustable) in the front direction and brake and decelerate to prevent misuse The risk to protect your flight safety. The dual protection of obstacle avoidance and ranging makes your flight safer and increases the probability of rescue.

Customize APP
Simple operation and handy

To meet the special needs of Firefighting applications, we designed an APP specifically for WK-1800 Firefighting Drone,which simplifies the operation and makes it easy to operate. The monitoring platform can make it convenient for operators to make statistics and supervision, check the progress of plant in real time, operation area, and plan operation routes, etc., and display operation parameters and flight parameters in real time.

Specialized smart remote controller

for WK-1800 Firefighting UAV Tomeet the needs of fire rescue, we have designed a remote controller WKRC-H12 with screen for WK-1800, which adopts a new Qualcomm processor, Android embedded system, advanced SDR technology and super protocol stack, which result in clearer image and lower delay, the distance is longer, and the anti-interference is stronger. Let you get rid of the interference of miscellaneous information when using ordinary mobile devices, and work more easily and efficiently.
  • High Light Screen Display

    The remote controller integrates a 5.5-inch 1920*1080 1000nits highlight display, which is about twice that of ordinary mobile devices. It is still clearly visible under strong light, which will make the operation more safe and reliable.
  • High Definition Video Transmission

    Wk-1800 fire UAV with screen remote controller integrates advanced 2.4G longdistance transmissionsystem, with strong anti-interference ability and effective control distance can up to 12km. The transmission is very stable and reliable.

Harsh Environment, Still Outstanding

The fuselage of WK-1800 fire-fighting UAV adopts a closed modular design and IP43 three-proof capability, which can still be operated quickly in complex environments. Whether in wind, rain, dust . The soil can work stably in high temperature and severe cold. It has industrial-grade waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion capabilities and is suitable for harsh rescue operation environments.

Vertical Dropping Fire Extinguishing Bomb

Fire Extinguishing Tank Moduie


Fire Hose Driving