One stop service from data collection to analysis

Huake UAV industry application combines with UAV remote sensing platform to provide customers with professional AI data collection and one-stop service solutions. It is widely used in basic surveying and mapping, land resource survey and monitoring, land use dynamic monitoring, digital city construction, power inspection and emergency disaster relief mapping data acquisition.

Service support



Maintenance service

Huake UAV industry application provides you with UAV maintenance services. According to the length of UAV use, it provides targeted maintenance plans. Regular maintenance can improve the reliability of UAVs, reduce potential safety hazards, and keep your UAV performance consistent.


Customized service

The Huacor UAV industry application service team can flexibly provide personalized service customization schemes, such as customized security plan, customized maintenance scheme, extended warranty period, third liability insurance, standby machine service, on-site delivery training service, etc., according to the use scenarios and actual needs. For more uniform plans, please consult Huake UAV industry application for details.