Vehicle-mounted UAV Automatic Airport
Fully Automated Drone Nest for Vehicles
Walkera Automated Vehicle-mounted nest can realize automatic unattended, remote automatic inspection. Save labor cost, simple and easy to control, fast response, improve 3~4 times of theoperation efficiency.
Full automatic patrol inspection
Realize full-automatic /mobile precise take
-off and landing, automatic cruise, timed
cruise,accurate replay, support real-time
video return, and meet the high-frequency,
continuous and normalized patrol
inspection operation of UAV.
   Fully automatic mobile   
     take-off and landing
   Intelligent charging   
     and changing
Unattended , drone automatically take off from the airport, perform inspection tasks, landing and charging. The inspection data is automatically uploaded to the central server without human intervention.
  Instead of manual inspection  
  Stable and reliable, low cost  
User management platform
Support the creation of different types
of users to store the flight data of UAV,
automatic airport and payload; View
historical missions and edit the saved
missions. Convenient for la ter da ta
access and call.
   All-weather rapid response   
  Provide all-round protection  
5G real-time video feed
UAV can realize independent fine inspection, take centimeter-level high-precision hovering photos of designated routes, provide inspection pictures with high imaging quality, and automatically maintain the safe distance between UAV and target.
  Big data acquisition and analysis  
Vehicle-mounted UAV automatic Airport
WALKERA R1000 series high performance UAV
Can achieve automatic/mobile accurate take-off and
landing, automatic cruise, timed cruise, accurate replication,
AI intelligent identification,mobile tracking; Support real-time
video return, automatic charging/changing,
Meet the UAV high frequency, continuity, normal inspection,
realize automatic unattended operation.
Intelligent charging and changing
When the power is nearly exhausted, the UAV will return to the vehicle airport automatically and change the power automatically through the mechanical arm without any manual intervention.After 2 minutes, the uav can take off again and put into operation. The breakpoint will continue to fly to the original position and continue th e inspection. The replaced battery will be recharged automatically in the car for the next use.
The Sports UAV Airport APP starts the inspection task with one click
After the inspection is completed, the staff can drive to the next location. The UAV does not need to return to the take-off point, but directly follows the vehicle to the next location. The UAV lands directly during the process of the vehicle moving, automatically changes the battery and takes off, and starts the inspection of the next area.
Intelligent temperature control
The integrated temperature control system of the whole machine has built-in dehumidification, cooling and heating constant temperature. Working environment temperature: - 25 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
Meteorological perception
The weather station can measure wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, temperature, humidity and air pressure
Protection level
The whole machine has IP54 protection standard and waterpro of and rainpro of design to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment in rainy days and adapt to complex working environmen
Ground station control system
Users can log in and control the equipmentat any time, and execute sudden complex flight commands
through the ground station.The platform can formulate tour tasks according to different application
scenarios, realize different flight modes and collection modes, assign tasks through the control
system, andobtain real-time video data.
Remote real-time
Through 5G, the remote real-time
control of unmanned replacement/
charging, take-off and landing of
UAV, flight trajectory, and Angle
ofcradle head can be achieved,
which is not limited by distance
and region.
Multiple task setting
Multi-task complex scene setting,
can set the trajectory, navigation
point, Angle, inspection target
and other flight information.
Automatic/Manual switchable
The UAV control mode is equipped with one-key switching function, which can realize the temporary switching of manual control of UAV and camera PTT in case of emergency during task inspection, and can switch back to the automatic flight task at any time.
Automatically perform pylon inspection
based on the planned tasks
Through 5G, the remote real-time control of unmanned replacement/charging, take-off and landing,
flight trajectory, PTP Angle and other aspects can be realized without being affected distance
and geographical limitations.
Precise identification of inspection targets,
automatic dynamic shooting
The UAV uses AI image recognition algorithm to accurately identify targets and collect image information of inspected targets.
Upload and collect data through 5G network
The UAV uses AI image recognition algorithm to accurately identify the target, collect the image information of the inspected target, and return it through 5G network Upload to the cloud for automatic analysis, automaticdetection of defects, and issue inspection reports.
Industry Applications