One Throw To Fly, Travel Freely
Smartly Accompanying Flight I Somatosensory Voice Control I 4K Camera I 31 mins Flight Time
The lightweight fuselage design of T210 integrates the personalized design of chase riding, voice somatosensory control and one throw to fly.
The max flight time is up to 31 minutes, bringing more experience of aerial photography.
  • T210 will keep relative position with the target and follow the movements of the ground target all the time. At this time,
    the relative altitude, heading and horizontal position can be adjusted by the voice handle.
WK-V8 Smart Voice Controller
Walkera WK-V8 intelligent voice controller brings you a new experience of aerial photography. It can easily realize intelligent voice somatosensory control,
get rid of two handed control, and the flight attitude of the aircraft will closely follow your hand actions and movements of mouth, so that you can easily
control difficult flight actions and bring different accompanying flight and free travel experience.
One Throw To Fly
After GPS positioning, put the aircraft nose down for about 1-2 seconds, sends out a "didi" sound, triggers the throwing mode and throws the aircraft by hand
(throw it as high or flat as possible, but pay attention not to throw it down). T210 will automatically unlock and hover.
Video Transmission
T210 supports up to 4.5KM maximum 2.4G long-distance video transmission, and has strong anti-interference capabilities,
flying more stable and reliable transmission.
Aerial Photography Application
For the demand of aerial photography intelligent accompanying flight, we have developed a new T210 app which supports real-time connecting with
mobile devices through WiFi and has more simple operation interface and can provide you a better aerial photography experience.
Time-lapse Photography
With time-lapse photography, the aerial photography materials are richer and the pictures are more wonderful.
Let’s play with UAV time-lapse photography.
4K Camera
T210 supports 4K shooting and H.264 encoding format outputting, and retains the most realistic details.
The 85 ° ultra-low distortion wide-angle lens makes your creation more inspired.
31 Minutes Flight Time
T210 has lightweight fuselage design and equipped with 2200mAh high-capacity intelligent battery, the maximum flight time is up to 31 minutes
(no-load state, hovering flight at sea level without wind).
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