Heavy load, High Altitude, BVR Firefighting Drone
Maximum load
Fire volume
Lidar Ranging
Using lidar technology
30X Zoom Camera
Long-range and high-altitude fire fighting beyond visual range
Flight time (no load)
Protection grade
12KM transmission
Maximum image transmission
Over the horizon remote high altitude fire extinguishing
Realize remote control and rapid fire extinguishing
Foldable Design
With four axis vertical folding, modular design, fast operation, convenient daily transportation and assembly.
Lidar Ranging
Environmental awareness,intelligent obstacle avoidance
Intelligent obstacle avoidance system made by high-precision sensors, the laser ranging can reach up to 180meters, the obstacle can be identified from 2 to 20meters (adjustable)in the front direction and the brake is decelerated to prevent riskscaused by wrong operation and guarantee your flight safety. Both obstacle avoidance and ranging pro-tection make your flight safer and increase the probability of rescue
Laser ranging can reach up to 180meters, Obstacle can be identified from 2 to 20meters
30X Zoom Camera
A 30X optical zoom camera is mounted as standard, and ultra-long- distance monitoring can observe all the details of the scene,which caneffectively help ormulate rescue plans. It can also be used in one machine for multiple purposes, and can mount different equipment according todifferent needs of customers, such as infrared thermal imaging cameras,low-light night vision cameras and other equipment.
With night vision targeting system
(Optional high-altitude launcher fire-extinguishing bomb module)
WK-1900 is equipped with a high-power load and anti-tremor design, a high-power aiming mirror and a high-frame camera with night vision function. With high transmission accuracy,WK-1900 is able to fire extin-guishing projectiles remotely and accurately in a complex fire weather environment. The target point is displayed on the ground control end in real time through the graph transmission, and the cross target star is available on the APP client, which greatly improves the accuracy of shooting and improves the rescue efficiency.
Four axles eight OARS,heavy load
Uses a four-axis, eight-propeller design that greatly lifts the power of flight, with a maximum load of 15KG. Other rescue equipment can be easily mounted.
Smart Battery, Long Fight time
Large-capacity battery and built-in intelligent power management system greatly enhance the safety during flight. The standard large- capacity battery can last up to 43Minutes in a single flight. The APP has built-in low-voltagealarm and power management,greatly improving battery life and workefficiency,ensuring stable flight of the drone, and better escorting yourflight.
Wk-1900 fire UAV special intelligent remote control
Aiming at the special needs of Firefighting application, we designed a remote controller with screen for WK-1900 Firefighting Drone, The remote controller with screen is portable and highlighted. It can also display clear images in direct sunlight, with built-in APP, you can get rid of the interference of complicated Information when using ordinary mobile devices, and work more easily and efficiently.
Highlight display
WK-1900 Firefighting Drone with screen remote controller integrates 5.5 in1920*1080 1000NITS high-brightness display screen with ,It's about twicers safe and reliable as ordinary mobile device, and it's still visible in direct sunlight.
HD video transmission
WK-1900 Firefighting Drone with screen remote control equipped integrates the advanced 2.4G long range video transmission system, strong anti-interference ability, effective control distance up to 12KM, stable and reliable transmission.
Customized APP for WK-1900 remote controller with screen
To meet the special needs of Firefighting applications, we designed an APP specifically for WK-1900 Firefighting Drone, which simplifies the operation and makes it easy to operate. The monitoring platform can make it convenient for operators to make statistics and supervision, check the progress of plant in real time, operation area, and plan operation routes, etc., and display operation parameters and flight parameters in real time.
Industry Applications Can Be Equipped With Platforms
Four-axis heavy load  |  Fire emergency
Four-axis fire extinguishing UAV has the advantages of large load capacity, strongwind resistance ability, high scattering accuracy, and can spray fire extinguishing powder in close range.Special fire extinguishing UAV for high-rise buildings. Themaximum load can be up to 60KG and the flight time can be up to 43 minutes without load. It folded fuselage design, super load and anti - vibration design, can quickly reach the high-rise fire, using high power camera view examine the fire; Supports mounting of a variety of firefighting applications.