R400 Centimeter-class RTK UAV
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R400 RTK The centimeter-level UAV has a lightweight body design, which makes installation, carrying and preparation work faster, and can take off at any time when it is needed. Equipped with a three-axisstabilization small gimbal, supporting 4K HD camera, starlight night vision camera, and infraredthermal imaging camera
Network RTK
7.7 km Max Transmission
4K 30fps Video
41 minutes Flight Time
IP54 protection class
Intelligent Power Management
Equipped with a networked RTK module,so that it can achieve a centimeter-scale positioning.
Integrated new RTK module, with strong anti-magnetic interference capability and precise positioning capability, providing real-time centimeter-level positioning data.
4K high definition aerial camera
Supports shooting 4K 30fps/1080P 60fps video with 1200 megapixel photos, support h.265 encoding format output, 85° ultra-low distortion rate wide angle lens. Let your creation be the inspiration.
7.7 km Image Transmission
The R400 RTK UAV adopted a 2.4G and 5.8G dual-frequency long-distance transmission system with a maximum image transmission distance of 7.7KM. Strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable transmission.
Stable and reliable flight control system
Using the latest control navigation algorithms, real-time data backup can be realized. There is no need to install a shock damping, which gives the aircraft higher reliability and provides a stable and reliable flight experience for aerial photography!
41 minutes flight time
With a large capacity 7000mAh intelligent battery, the maximum continuous flight time is up to 41 minutes (no payload, hovering flight at sea level without wind).
APP Application Software
In response to the different needs of aerial photography applications, we have developed a dedicated R400 APP with simple operation interface and easy operation.
IP54 Protection Level
The body is IP54 rated and fully protected against solid objects and splashing of water from any angle, with industrial-grade waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion-proof capabilities.
The R400 UAV supports a fully automated drone nest operations
Achieving automatic/mobile accurate take-off and landing, automatic cruise, scheduled cruise, accurate re-shooting, AI intelligentidentification, mobile tracking. Supports real-time video transmission,automatic charging, automatic battery swap to realize fully autonomous UAV high-frequency, continuous, normal patrol inspections.
Value of autonomous UAV nest solution:
UAV automatic river patrol inspection is efficient, safe and intelligent. Replacing the traditional manual patrol.

Automatic identification and in-flight tracking of ships and people with potential safety hazards. Real-time monitoring and recording the positions, locking of the targets, can take multi-angle photos for evidence. Automatic uploading to the central management platform.
Industry Applications
For aerial photography
4K high definition aerial camera
Applicable to power
Infrared thermal imaging camera
Application of police reconnaissance
Low light night vision camera