Flight Control System
FCS-F8 is high-performance unmanned control system independently developed by Walkera. After years of industry experience, it solves many problems in the flight control industry, bringing you a safe and accurate flight experience.
No need for external shock absorption, super shock resistance.
Precise disturbance compensation algorithms improve control accuracy, flight experience and wind resistance.
Can be equipped with 5G remote control ground station with remote control function.
Support a variety of multi-rotor aircrafts and also VTOL, fixed wing, helicopter, unmanned boat, unmanned vehicle and more thru firmware upgrade.
SBUS receiver remote control and Walkera handheld ground station with integrated high-resolution display can be used at same time. Using Walkera ground station users can use Walkera assistant software, Walkera ground station APP software and Walkera 5G server based remote control ground station software thru PC.
Dual compasses redundancy and the special heading observation algorithm solve the problem of magnetic compass interference after takeoff.
RTK GPS supports aerial survey function, high precision location data,waypoint flying, return to home and landing function.
Multi-sensor fusion algorithm, automatic detection of data health status, and real-timesensor switching, to ensure flight safety.
The standard dual-feed point ceramic antenna GPS module enhances the ability tosearch and locate satellites in complex electromagnetic environments.
Detailed flight control log recording function, support custom development of other functions.
Route flight supports two modes. The normal mode first climbs high and then flies horizontally. In the 3D mode drone flies according to the three-dimensional space connection trajectory of the two waypoints, which is convenient to avoid obstacles in the automatic inspection route and when flying in mountains. Use terrain height for close to the ground flight.
Surveying and mapping and terrain simulation flight routes
With the Walkera ground station app, one can generate automatic routes around the inspected objects for objects with fixed shape features such as wind turbines, transmission line towers and so on.
Wind turbine blade inspection route
Unmanned control system configuration list
DEVO 10 Remote control
Mobile Ground Station
WKRC-H15 Remote Controller Ground station
T10 remote control
UAV flight control system Supports multiple languages Two-way transmission function It can store 30 models dat

Mobile Ground Station Ground station control system for UAV flight HD 2.4Ghz / 5G image transmission system Real-time 5G network control Real-time push-to-talk intercom system Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) external equipment control system
A hand-held ground station control system for UAV flight HD 2.4G /5G image transmission system Integrated 7.86-inch 2K high brightness display Real-time 5G network control Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) external equipment control system
UAV flight control system Support 2.4G HD image transmission system Support Android APP Support 3-in-1 link of telemetry, video transmission and remote controller transmission
Unmanned control system, smart city 5G UAV application
With the development of big data and the advent of the 5G era, it has greatly promoted the widespread application of intelligence. Using unmanned control and data link transmission, the unmanned control system is equipped with megaphone, noise meter, thermal imaging, five-eye tilt camera, lidar, spectrometer, methane detector, etc., using the UAV intelligent flight platform, uninterrupted Patrols over the city and collects various signals and data. Through the 5G network, the huge "nervous system", signals and data are sent to the smart city management platform in real time, and data is analyzed by the AI. During this process, the “eyes” of the aerial drone keep on locking the target until the lawn enforcement vehicle navigates to the scene, which greatly improves the inspection efficiency. The smart city management platform, the AI, analyzes and judges the collected data and signals and provides timely warnings to eliminate hidden dangers. The UAV system platform can be used in fields such as transportation, environmental monitoring,high-level emergency rescue, police law enforcement site, power/cable inspection, oilpipeline inspection, bridge inspection and other fields.
Mobile terminal ground station monitoring and command system
Cloud Data Center
Walkera DRONE Command Center software
Smart City dispatching command center
F8 Flight control system application field
F8 Flight control system can be expanded by third-party applications
It can support remote control of SBUS receiver for different applications
Support third-party APP Settings