Oil and electricity hybrid system Super long endurance
QL 1800 hybrid is powered by an advanced Gasoline engine with generator integrated power supply technology, combine the advantages of oil and electricity. Oil power generation, The retention of high fuel energy. The electric drive rotor retains the characteristics of flexible and stable operation of electric drive. Max. flight time for empty fuel: 120minutes, extra long flight time effectively ensures operation efficiency.
30X optical zoom
120 minutes  battery life
20 kg maximum load
Folding design
Vertical folding saves time and convenience
The arm adopts a six-axis vertical structure design, which is compact and firm. After folding, the whole machine has a barrel shape, which facilitates daily transportation and assembly while ensuring structural strength requirements, reduces the occupied area of the aircraft, reduces the difficulty of packing for the staff, saves assembly time, and greatly reduces the requirements for transportation tools.
30X optical zoom camera
High definition image,Multi-usage
Equipped with 30X optical zoom camera, it can monitor the situation from a distance, observe all details of fire and disaster, and effectively help to make rescue plan. It can also be used for many purposes. Different equipment can be mounted according to different demands of customers, such as infrared thermal imaging camera, low light night vision camera and other equipments.
The largest code stream
Recording resolution
4K / 30FPS
Super wide Angle vision
Minimized distortion
Intelligent obstacle avoidance
Intelligent obstacle avoidance system made by high-precision sensors, the laser ranging can reach up to 100m, and the obstacle can be identified from 3 to 15 meters (adjustable)in the front direction and the brake is decelerated to prevent riskscaused by wrong operation and guarantee your flight safety and increase the probability of rescue.
Harsh environment still outstanding
IP44 level protection
QL 1800 UAV adopts closed modularization design and has super IP44 level protection. It can still be operated quickly in a complex environment. It can work steadily in wind, rain, dust, high temperature and cold, Industrial-grade waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-proof ability, adapt to the harsh rescue operation environment.
Dedicated APP
Easy to operate, handy
To meet the special needs of applications, we designed an APP specifically for QL 1800 oil-electric hybrid uav , which simplifies the operation and makes it easy to operate. The monitoring platform can make it convenient for operators to make statistics and display operation parameters and flight parameters in real time.
Real-time data
Set the route
High-brightness Display Screen
Display screen with maximum brightness of 2000 cd/m2 It's about twice as safe and reliable as ordinary mobile devices, and it's still visible in direct sunlight.
HD image transmission
QL 1800 integrates the advanced 2.4G and 5.8G dual frequen cy long range video transmission system, which makes the maximum videotransmission range as long as 6KM. Long wavelength, strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable transmission.
Super long endurance
Max. flight time for empty fuel: 120min
QL 1800 hybrid is powered by an advanced Gasoline engine with generator integrated power supply technology, combine the advantages of oil and electricity.
The QL 1800 hybrid system uav has a flight duration of up to 120 minutes, which effectively guarantees the operation efficiency.
Flight time
4 time
QL 1800 hybrid system uav
Pure electric uav
Super load
20kg lager load
QL 1800 Oil-electric hybrid system UAV can carry a load of 20kg and adopts a six-axis design to enhance the flight power of UAV.Maximum take-off weight: 56.1kg, equipped with 10 litre fuel tank, super capacity to effectively ensure operating efficiency. Easy to hangLoad other rescue equipment to increase rescue speed and reserve time for rescue.
Industry application