Lighter, Smarter
F420 Police drone, the fuselage adopts lightweight integrated carbon fiber design, to achieve faster installation, carrying, preparation work, take off at any time. With 3-axis stabilization small gimbal, support 4 high-definition camera, starlight night vision camera, infrared thermal imaging camera mounting.
It's harder and lighter,Lightweight integrated carbon fiber body design.
The carbon fiber shell weighs only 180g
50 mins Flight time
Lightweight integrated carbon fiber body design, strong shock resistance; with 4500mAh large- capacity smart battery, the maximum continuous flight time is up to 50 minutes.
(Hovering flight at sea level and no wind)
Low-light night-vision camera
The night-vision starlight camera has ultra sensitive light sensors capable of detecting extremely faint light, so that clear images can be shot even in illuminance less than 0.001lux (equivalent of normal night), breaking the stereotype of “There are no such things as clear nighttime photos”. Therefore, targets can be tracked more effectively at night and expose themselves in more details.
0.1Lux—0.01Lux 0.01Lux—0.001Lux below 0.001Lux
Note: lux is the measurement unit of illuminance.
Mountable platform
Quick removal of the cradle head, a simple step to install, convenient and time-saving, Mountable aerial photography hardware. Assist the photographer in clear capture Clear picture, with different lenses to make the homework perfect.

Low-light night-vision camera
Ordinary camera
Low-light night-vision camera
Suitable for police reconnaissance, nighttime rescue.In low-light environments, it is able to shoot clear images of objects, suitable for nighttime low-light missions.
4K HD camera
It is suitable for aerial photography in industry applications. The details recorded in 4K HD aerial photography are clear, and the high-definition images have been post-processed to make the task safer and more efficient.
Thermal imaging camera
Suitable for power, search and rescue sectors.Highly sensitive thermal imaging camera, designed for breaking the light and space limits, capable of capturing clear and precise thermal images wherever you are, anytime. It allows you to quickly search a large area or hard-to reach devices, making the work more efficient, easier and safer.
6K HD camera
Suitable for industry aerial photography. The video clearly restores the shooting scene, records more details, makes the image smooth and exquisite, and presents the feeling like the scene.
Intelligent environment awareness
The forward infrared obstacle avoidance module and the downward infrared height fixing system can make the aircraft position more accurately, sense the surrounding flying obstacles, and reduce accidents caused by operational errors.
Sensing obstacle distance:12m
       Highlight Display Screen (HD GCS Remote)
The highest brightness of the screen is up to 200cd/㎡, which is 2 times than ordinary mobile devices. It is still clearly visible under direct light, and the operation is safer and more reliable.
In response to the different needs of police applications, we have developed a dedicated F420 APP with a simple opera-tion interface to achieve easy operation.
       Reliable flight control system
Using the latest control navigation algorithm, real-time data backup can be realized; no need to install shock absorption design,  giving  the  aircraft  higher  reliability,  providing  a stable and reliable flight experience for aerial photography!
9KM Remote Image transmission
F420 adopts 2.4G and 5.8G dual frequency communication system ,the maximum video transmission distance up to 9KM , Strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable transmission.
Industry application