All-in-one HD GCS Remote
WKRC-H15 All-in-one HD GCS Remote is an integrated high-definition image transmission device with high-brightness display screen . The maximum communication distance is 6km, supports local real time HD video and record. It can transmit video image, flight control system signal and ground terminal control signal through wireless communication. The All-in-one HD GCS Remote button is obvious, the personalized interface design, the intelligent removable rechargeable battery, the operation is simple, safe and reliable.
6KM figure Simple operation Hd video Special APP Stable transmission Intelligent battery
Matching module
WKRC-H15 It is equipped with ground terminal (All-in-one HD GCS Remote), sky terminal image transmission (RX-H15) and flight control module (FCS-F8). There is no magnetic compass interference in the air, and frequent calibration of compass is not required. There is no need to install vibration damping, support 24 way motor signal output, safe and stable.
Many colors to choose
WKRC-H15 The HD GCS Remote is set with 4 fashionable style colors, Army green, orange yellow, blue ashes,Black and red color matching, you can choose the color according to your preference.
Six core high-speed processing, super computing
Six core high-speed processing, super computing, with Android 7.1 operating system, the operation is more stable and smooth.
Suitable for multiple body frame
WKRC-H15 All-in-one HD GCS Remote supporting to four axis, six axis, eight axis, four axis eight paddle, Y6, etc. According to different conditions, control the corresponding UAV to operations, save time and cost, and improve work efficiency.
Quad Hexa Octa OctaQuad Y6
Customized system
With Android 7.1 system and built-in special APP, you can get rid of the interference of complicated information when using ordinary mobile devices, simplify operation and work easily.At the same time, the user can use the APP software, for example image editing and sharing functions.
Removable battery
Removable rechargeable battery, built-in intelligent power management system, safe and reliable.
Simple operation
The HD GCS Remote button is easy to operate and atmosphere . The WKRC APP simple operation, humanized interface design.
WIFI and Bluetooth are built into the HD GCS Remote, Accessible return pictures and videos without any obstacles.
HD image output
The maximum image transmission distance can reach 6 km. The transmission is stable and reliable. And support local HD video Shooting and recording, video image can be transmitted through wireless communication.
High-brightness display screen
All-in-one HD GCS Remote integrates 7.86 inch 2K high-brightness display screen with maximum brightness of 2000 cd/m², It's about twice as safe and reliable as ordinary mobile devices, and it's still visible in direct sunlight.
Reliable Flight Controller System
The FCS-F8 adopts the latest control Navigation Algorithms, supports real-time backup of each sensor, no need for shock absorption design, and can still provide the aircraft higher reliability; The "black box" data recording system provides accurate data support for flight performance analysis, Provide stable and reliable flight experience for industry application explorers!
5.8G\2.4G Dual frequency antenna, supporting bidirectional transmission of high-definition images
Dual frequency screen, one key switch
WKRC-H15 All-in-one HD GCS Remote is equipped with dual frequency mode (1 Map, 2 Real-time picture),Tap the screen at the bottom left corner of the screen to switch, making the operation more efficient.
Real-time image
Smart battery, Long endurance
When is on, it can work for up to 4.5 hours continuously. The built-in intelligent power management system can effectively assist long-term operation.