G3EFI electronic fuel injection control power system uses electronic control device instead of traditional mechanical system to control the fuel supply process of the engine. Sensors are used to detect the parameter signals of the engine operation. After calculation, analysis and comparison, the trigger angle, fuel injection, ignition, cold engine start-up compensation and acceleration compensation are set up by the electronic control unit (ECU), so as to ensure the safety of the engine. The engine always works in the best condition.
120 minutes
Duration of endurance
Recommended load weight
Altitude correction
High Altitude Adaptation
Noise value
Smart Start
One-button low temperature ignition
power output
Adaptive idling
More fuel-efficient, more environmentally friendly
Intelligent protection
Self-protection and fault detection
Powerful control box
The trigger angle, fuel injection, ignition, low temperature start-up, acceleration compensation
and other data are set for the matching engine.
ECU can detect the status of each sensor, if abnormal is found, the diagnostic lamp will give different flashing hints; it can detect and judge faults without connecting the computer.
Cold machine easy to start: The idle speed of cold machine is automatically controlled by ECU through electronic control idle speed.
ECU built-in ignition control directly drives EFI igniter to achieve stronger power performance and idle speed stability.
Economic fuel consumption rate can be achieved by automatically correcting fuel injection through closed-loop feedback of current pressure sensor; ECU judges the acceleration intention according to the changing speed of throttle, automatically accelerates the compensation, and realizes the rapid compensation power.
ECU automatically calibrates fuel injection data at various speeds, including idle and extreme speeds, based on current pressure feedback and control strategy.
Flexible ignition mode: using electronic idle speed control idle speed stability, not relying solely on ECU pressure angle to stabilize the idle speed of chiller and heat engine.
Separation structure
Separate structure with oil pump and nozzle, no high
temperature gas resistance problem
New power
The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) can intelligently judge the acceleration intention
according to the speed of the throttle change, and instantaneously accelerate the
compensation power to effectively cope with the load change during use.
With over-speed protection kinetic energy, when the engine speed is too fast,
the ECU protects itself by controlling the fuel injection, prolonging the engine
life and ensuring stable flight of the drone for a long time and high load.
Cold start
By means of compensation technology, the parameters such as fuel injection
amount are automatically corrected when the cold engine starts, and the cold
and heat engines are easy to start. No choke, no accelerator, no heater, etc.
Easy to install
EFI power system is a kind of power system which can expand the possibility of UAV. It combines simple and easy installation
design with one-button electric starting function. Plug and play is convenient, fast, more fuel-saving and more adaptable.