The crystal eyes of the night

Vitus Starlight highlights the night-vision starlight camera,

enabling you to capture clear footage at night or in extremely low illuminant environment.

You will no longer be bothered by lack of light, making nighttime video & image shooting much easier.

Note: lux is the measurement unit of illuminance.

Ultra sensitive light sensors

The night-vision starlight camera has ultra sensitive light sensors capable of detecting extremely faint light,

so that clear images can be shot even in illuminance less than 0.001lux (equivalent of normal night), breaking the stereotype of

“There are no such things as clear nighttime photos”. Therefore, targets can be tracked more effectively at night and expose themselves in more details.

Capable both day and night

The night-vision starlight camera can automatically sense the change

of light, empowering you to shoot clear footage not only at night, but also in daytime

with the same shooting quality. Monitoring can proceed at any time you want.

  • Vitus Starlight

  • ordinary camera

  • Infrared night-vision camera

Colorful & HD video

With night-vision starlight camera, you are capable of shooting colorful and high

definition video with resolution of 1080P/30fps so that the targets can be identified more easily at night.


photo taking speed at night

VITUS Vitus Starlight
Vitus Starlight

Short Exposure Time

Restricted by the shutter speed, ordinary night- vision cameras can only capture blurred images and low illuminant videos at night because

of long-time exposure. Thanks to the high speed shutter, the night-vision starlight camera can provide perfect footage during

nighttime and the exposure time is enormously shortened, greatly improving the efficiency of video/photo shooting.

With the powerful night-vision starlight camera, the car number can be recorded very clearly at night, assisting the traffic police department to track the illegal & irresponsible drivers.

With the powerful night-vision starlight camera, the suspected terrorists can be quickly located and clear footage of them can be easily recorded at night so that anti-terrorism department can put them in database in time and arrange prompt response.

With the long-distance image transmission technology, Vitus Starlight can replace human to do the military monitoring at night, greatly preventing the potential casualty.

With the powerful night-vision starlight camera, people in desperate need of rescue can be identified very quickly at night.

With the long-distance image transmission technology, Vitus Starlight can replace human to monitor the disaster status at night, greatly reducing the risk of potential casualty.

Nighttime Monitoring Expert

Vitus Starlight has a wide variety of applications at night. Being versatile, it can do traffic monitoring,

anti-terrorism monitoring, military monitoring, rescue monitoring, disaster status monitoring and so on.

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