Furious 215

The RTF Racer of Thrilling perfection

Furious, Swift as Lightning

ESC supporting oneshot 125/oneshot42, high accelerator

responsiveness makes operation as swift as lightning.

High-performance 2500KV brushless motor combined with 5040 5” propeller and 4S power battery,

powerful momentum speaks itself.

Furious 215

Stable Center of Gravity

Rectangle airframe with batteries on top, smooth and stable flight, both track racing and freestyle flight accessible

Compact gadget design saves space by removing unnecessary wiring and centers airframe

center of gravity by lowering battery fitting surface to 30mm.

Carbon Fiber Airframe + Independent Arms

Its airframe made of high strength carbon fiber, robust arm at 4mm thickness;

4 independent arms achieve lower maintenance cost.

Furious 215
Furious 215
Furious 215
Furious 215
Furious 215

Multiple Reinforcements

Those parts extremely vulnerable in high velocity impacts are well reinforced.

  • Aluminum Fittings

    Triangle aluminum components are used to fix airframe; aluminum alloy posts improve airframe strength.

  • Motor Guard

    Designed to be coupled with safety guard and buffer bracket, brushless motor can stand rigorous reliability tests. Robustness & resistance to wear highlight its quality assurance.

  • Carbon Fiber Airframe

    Airframe made of high-strength carbon fiber and supported by metal posts makes the aircraft robust and crash proof.

  • Protruded Redundancy Design

    Redundancy design is employed and highlighted at bottomplate tail so as to make sure that video transmission antenna is not suffered from powerful impact.

  • Camera Protection

    Camera is protected with carbon fiber reinforced polymer at its head, with metal posts consolidated with 3 screws at bottom and top, which can effectively disperse impacts.

  • Camera Mount

    Compatible with sports cameras at different sizes of popular mainstream brands like Gopro hero4, Gopro hero5 session, Xiaoyi & Runcam, its mount is provided with tightening straps at multiple directions.

Integrated PDB (power distribution board)

Airframe is integrated with PDB that is shaped in line with airframe bottomplate to completely fit it. Electronic speed controller (ESC) output extends to arms, greatly shortening the distance of the welding wire. Onboard active beeper and integrated OSD, provided with OSD tuning connector at its bottom for the purpose of tuning.

Furious 215

Battery Space

XT60 power connector and video transmission antenna

connector are placed in its afterbody, allowing more space

for batteries, and obtaining better video transmission effect

by minimizing sheltering of video transmission antenna.











Professional Imaging System

With ultra-high reduction and ultra-wide dynamicity, the beautifully colored high-definition camera 600TVL exceptionally performs under the lowlight

and backlight surrounding, and capable of perfectly adapting to complicated environments. Equipped with FOV-130°wide-angle lens of focus-2.5mm,

it is committed to delivering awesome visual experience. Its high-performance video transmission system supports 600mW(at maximum) power switching

(FCC version), achieves transmission distance of 1.5 kilometers at maximum thanks to HG omni-directional mushroom antenna.

Night vision camera
Video image
Camera focus
Transmission distance

Adjustable Angle of View

An embodiment of humanized scale design is angle scale specially added at both sides of camera, so that players can memorize their preferences, not blindly adjust their angles of view, meanwhile aware of their progress(aircraft flying speed is in direct proportion to angle of view and aircraft inclination, i.e. the faster the aircraft speed is, the larger the angle of view is, and the larger the aircraft inclination is).

Furious 215 Furious 215 Furious 215
Furious 215

Mainstream F3 flight controller employed to make convenient upgrading and tuning

Equipped with mainstream F3 flight controller ,which enables players to perform autonomous tuning.

Boot key is equipped on the flight controller to brush and upgrade betaflight and cleanflight SPracing F3 firmware.

Provide many DIY interfaces,
expand the creative space for players

Furious 215

Sbus Communication Protocol Supporting 3rd-Party Receiver Extended

Employing sbus communication protocol, Furious 215 remote-control receiver can achieve rapid response. Provided with PPM/SBUS receiver connector, the flight controller enables DIY players to install 3rd-party receivers that are controllable using 3rd-party remote control.

Furious 215

Dazzling Light

It supports LED Strip programmable light strip, in addition to taillight supplied, provides 5V LED light connectors at both sides of PDB, which facilitates DIY installation of LED strips. Amazing marquee effect can be achieved by simply programming flight controller.

MR Drone similator, your best FPV companion

A Mr Drone simulator activation code and a USB dongle are included in both RTF version and BNF version package,

which will greatly improve your flying skills in a short time.

Read more about MR Drone simulator