Rodeo 110

Mini Size, Indulge your Racing

Rodeo 110 is the fusion of Walkera’s powerful technical capabilities and insights from Walkera Fans . It allows indulging in flying even indoors with the weight and volume as coreless dc motors aircrafts and racing drones’ speed and power. Rodeo 110 is fully equipped even the size is very small. it owns a combination of brushless motors strong driving force and firmly carbon fiber frame You can even fly in dark indoors with the foresight lighting ,HD camera and 5.8Ghz live video transmission technology.

Rodeo 110
  • camera
  • power
  • battery
  • extension
  • crash-proof

F3 controller system

F3 is the mainstream controller, full-featured,
stable and responsive, support self-stabilization
mode, unauto-stabilize mode and manual mode
change by one switch, very popular.

Compact and Simple

For a normal DIY aircraft, there is a complicated components and wires connection processes must be finished,
only a F3 FC would take up 36(mm)x36(mm) space.The Rodeo 110 uses PCB circuit board with the integration of
Flight controller,receiver and video transmitter etc; its size is only 33(mm)x68(mm) which save lot of spaces and
weights so that could obtain an extremely tiny body.

Modular Design

It is a closed modular design of core parts;
ESCs and video transmitter are installed detachably
which leads to easy to repair and maintain .