Racing Perfect Runner 250 PRO  fusion of fast and furious

New flight control design

Using the new self-developed MR Drone flight control system,

Precise flight attitude, flight stability improved.

Support stop instantly, eliminate the drift due to inertia collision risk.

5.8G real time image transmission

Cooperate with FPV display equipment, in high definition zero delay real-time image transmission, to enjoy the exciting first -person view flight. While flying at high speed, you can obtain real time OSD date :battery level, flying attitude, direction and flight height, feel free to fly.

Hovering design

Using new GPS/GLONASS dual mode satellite positioning system,

GPS hovering precision ascension,

star search speed. Support the headless fly mode,

can easily return home even beyond visual range .

  • GPS hover accuracy increased
  • Search speed increased

A new upgrade of appearance

Using RUNNER250 series cool appearance, the optimization of comprehensive, enhance airframe strength,

reduce the volume and reduce resistance.

  • Runner 250 PRO
  • Runner 250 PRO
  • Runner 250 PRO
  • Carbon fiber material

    Perfect combination of carbon fiber material. Using solid machine arm, battery compartment carbon fiber double blank thickness, core parts in metal fixed pieces, better protection for electronic components.Strong resistance to fall off, more durable.

  • Simplified design

    fuselage structure of compact, by reducing the height of the fuselage, battery center position, and make aircraft attitude change more flowing freely.simplified head design, reduce excess weight.

  • Signal transmission smoothly

    figure the antenna position adjustment to the tail, to guarantee the signal flow transmission.

Intelligent direction warning lamp design

Considering the player’s flight safety, the designer reference to auto lighting system, equip RUNNER 250 PRO with automatic flight headlights. Front automatic running lights can illuminate the road ahead, convenient to traffic.Two taillights default to red, used for unlock and GPS lamp. Yellow lamp can give direction when turning. Designed for Security consideration, but unexpected beautiful.

Buzzer design

When the flight signal is lost or dropped suddenly, the buzzer will sound automatically.

Will help users to find quadcopter easily.